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Forged for reliability.

The Pejo Safety Hook is one of the most used safety hooks in the world.

Leading manufacturer of safety hooks for over 20 years.

Safety Hook Type C

The Pejo Safety Hook type C is mainly recommended for large excavators but is also suitable for heavy lifts within the industrial sector.

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Safety Hook Type U

The Pejo Safety Hook type U is recommended for smaller excavators, wheel loaders and front loaders. The hook holds a 4-fold safety in both pulling directions. 

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2 models and 16 sizes

The Pejo Safety Hook comes in two models and 16 different sizes altogether.

Expect short delivery times.

Welding and lifting instructions are enclosed with each delivery.

About the company

Pejo AB is located 100 km south of Stockholm in Nyköping.

For more than 20 years Pejo AB has been one of the leading manufacturers of safety hooks. The Pejo hook, through its reliability, has come to be one of the most used safety hooks in the world.

Pejo AB is owned by the Feat Group; a company group specialized in the production of closed die hot forged steel.

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Producing the Pejo Safety Hook
Heat Treatment
Quality Control
Machining, Painting and Assembling

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