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Pejo Safety Hooks

The Pejo Safety Hook comes in two models and a total of 16 sizes.

The safety hook can be welded onto the bucket.

Safety Hook Type C

The Pejo Safety Hook type C is mainly recommended for large excavators but is also suitable for heavy lifts within the industrial sector.

With the C-type hook it is possible to invert the bucket while lifting without the sling escaping. All our hooks hold a 4-fold safety in both pulling directions.

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Safety Hook Type U

The Pejo Safety Hook type U is recommended for smaller excavators,
wheel loaders and front loaders. The hook holds a 4-fold safety in
both pulling directions.

The simple and handy lock facilitates the connection and disconnection of lifting devices and allows the sling to move easily and safely into the hook room.

This hook is recognized as one of the best choices for small excavators.

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